Glenda G. Cooper

Cooper, GlendaTitle: President
Company: Cooper Group Staffing, Ltd.
Location: Beaumont, TX United States

In 2000, Glenda and Robert Cooper came up with the idea to start an organization that helped local employees find job seekers, and help job seekers find the right employers. Out of this idea came Cooper Group Staffing, Ltd. Now with 26 years of experience in staffing, Ms. Cooper is on-site every day and is involved with day-to-day operations. She has an in-depth understanding of the unique needs facing local employers, and can therefore offer quick and customized solutions to almost every staffing challenge.

Ms. Cooper is extremely proud that she was able to start and maintain her own business. Her greatest skill is her ability to give people an opportunity to develop their job skills and guide them through the employment process. Ms. Cooper wants to be remembered as a person who was always willing to contribute to changing the lives of people in some way, and feels that hard work and commitment to helping people find jobs has contributed to her success. Eventually, she plans on retiring and leaving her business in the capable hands of her daughters-in-law or her grandchildren. In her spare time, she likes to paint, draw and spend time with her family.

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