Rebecca Field, Ph.D.

Rebecca FieldTitle: Author, Evolutionary Cosmologist
Location:  Los Gatos, CA United States

Dr. Rebecca Field has devoted her life to bettering the lives of others. She has lived in a way few can imagine, so that she could develop her skills in a variety of areas, including program and brand development, meditation, public speaking, coaching, ghostwriting, wellness, psychology, psychotherapy, editing, fiction, holistic health, nutrition, community outreach, freelance writing, executive and life coaching, alternative medicine, reiki and social innovation.

Dr. Field received  a Ph.D. in psychology and eastern philosophies and a Ph.D. and Master of Arts in integral psychology and Asian philosophy. She founded GlobaLearn, an international and nonprofit business that was most active in India and Russia. GlobaLearn offered a variety of services, including assisting Tibetan refugees in India with business education and offering health and business education to teach young women and children how to avoid sex slavery in Russia. In Ukraine, there was HIV/AIDS education, prevention and care. Dr. Field also collaborated with a Russian nonprofit group in Saratov to bring business and health training to people in the region.

Dr. Field’s hard work and dedication has given her a number awards and opportunities. She has also attended a United Nations Summit in Copenhagen on social development and participated in  UN meetings in San Jose, Costa Rica and at the New York headquarters. In addition to all her humanitarian efforts, writing has always been her life,and many of her books have received awards, including  “To Choose the Fire of the Cosmos” and “How the Chickens Made New Friends.”

Dr. Field is also a counselor, and has volunteered on a contact counseling service hotline for almost 40 years. She finds inspiration in everything she sees and does, and she wants to be remembered as someone who served humanity and left the world a better place than she found it.

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