Karen Brown, RN

Title: President
Company: Can Do Legal Nurse Consultant, LLC.
Location: Naples, FL United States

Karen Brown has been in the health care services for more than four decades. Currently she is a working on contract work for prosecutors and defense lawyers for malpractice cases, where she is in charge of reviewing  medial records. The company, Can Do Nursing, LLC., receives many malpractice suits and it is her job to review them for legitimacy.

Ms. Brown opened the company, Can Do Legal Nursing, in 2007. She prepared for her position with her new company by receiving a Bachelor of Arts from Management International College. She is also certified in paralegal and CDI, as well has being certified in medical coding. She is genuinely happy with what she has accomplished in her career so far.

Ms. Brown is proud that she was able to start and build this company from the ground up. Her previous knowledge in medicine, as well as her ability to find and identify solutions has made her very valuable in her position. She wants to be known for always being there to help others.

Looking to the future, Ms. Brown hopes to finish her 30-acre house in Georgia. She is most proud of her family and her marriage, although her academic career is also high up on the list. She is also a writer for the RN Journal of Nursing. In her free time, she enjoys sewing, embroidery, making clothing for her grandchildren and reading.

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