Mary E. Barnes

Title: Owner, Operator
Company: MB Ventures LLC
Location: Anamosa, IA United States

Mary Barnes has always been a business owner. She previously owned her own pizza parlor, but she had back surgery and could no longer do the physical labor, so she went on to find something she could run from home on the internet. She has experience building a business because she has learned from her own mistakes. She wants to help others looking to start their own businesses from making her same mistakes.

Ms. Barnes’ greatest career accomplishment was getting MB Ventures LLC up and running. She is so glad that she was able to find the right people to work with and the perfect companies to partner with. Looking to the future of the business, she hopes to eventually better organize it, and also hopes that it brings in the same amount of money her pizza parlor did so that her husband can retire.

The biggest Ms. Barnes has faced is getting past her own insecurities when things didn’t work out. However, with her hard work ethic and good follow up skills, she is always able to do whatever she sets her mind to. Whenever times get hard, she is inspired by the knowledge that she is helping others. Outside of her career, she wants to be remembered as a grandmother who taught her grandchildren how to live a successful life. She is the past president of the Chamber of Commerce and was in charge of the local Pumpkin Festival. She also supports St. Patrick’s Catholic Church and Camp Courageous, and when she is not working, she enjoys cooking and sewing

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