Hilary S. Wilkins

Hilary WilkinsTitle: Senior Vice President
Company: Citigroup
Location: Lawrenceville, NJ United States

After working in the pharmaceutical and medical device fields, Hilary Wilkins decided to follow her dream and work on Wall Street. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University and has learned the tricks of the trade firsthand while working in finance. Her biggest challenge since moving fields has been adjusting to the cultural differences between the two.  She considers her strengths to be her strategic sourcing and thought process. She can use strategic thinking to solve problems and win people over.

Professionally, Ms. Wilkins’ wants to continue her work in financial services. In particular, she wants to focus on growing a new team from the ground up. In addition, she plans on opening a music therapy center with her daughter, who is a board certified music therapist. The center will be focused on helping children with autism.

One of Ms. Wilkins’ greatest accomplishments was successfully running and growing a Sunday school program. She was able to turn a program with less than 30 students into a program ranging from 98 to 160 students, and maintain a teaching staff of 25. She is constantly inspired by her efforts to leave things better than she found them. In addition to all she already does to help others, Ms. Wilkins is also a member of Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and is a coach/mentor for women’s leadership programs. In her spare time, she enjoys movies and leading book clubs, and participating in a softball fitness program.

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