Holly E. Ferrin

Holly FerrinTitle: Chief Administrative Officer, Executive Director
Company: Epilepsy Association of Utah
Location: West Jordan, UT United States

Diagnosed with epilepsy at only 6 years old, Holly Ferrin didn’t know how to talk about it at first. After later volunteering as a youth ambassador for the city of Midvale, Utah, however, she found herself with a more meaningful relationship and feeling of solidarity with other epileptics, and her career spiraled from there. Ms. Ferrin has since held various directorship, leadership and volunteer positions within the Epilepsy Association of Utah prior to becoming its executive director two years ago. The goal of the nonprofit is to provide information and resources for people and families affected by the disorder, and, as its current face, she is responsible for meeting with corporations for sponsorship and maintaining involvement in the Political Advocacy Committee. Ms. Ferrin’s role also includes developing and overseeing all projects, goals, business, and organizational missions, handling staff, expansion, and fundraising, and writing grants. She is the only director in the history of the organization to actually have epilepsy.

The highlight of Ms. Ferrin’s career was when she was talking to a family whose daughter has a similar form of epilepsy. The mother said that her daughter is not afraid to grow up with the disorder because she sees Ms. Ferrin’s success. As a testament to that success, she was named VIP Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Woman in 2015 and won the People’s Choice Award from the Epilepsy Association of Utah in 2014.  Ms. Ferrin attributes her achievements to her supportive family and the amazing board of directors she works with.

Along her professional journey, Ms. Ferrin earned a Bachelor of Arts in deaf studies from Utah Valley University in 2013, and is pursuing an American Sign Language interpreter state certification. She also hopes to eventually earn a master’s degree. To stay up-to-date with her field, Ms. Ferrin maintains affiliation with the Americans with Disabilities Act community, and is a member of the Women’s State Legislative Council of Utah. Furthermore, she is on the public relations subcommittee for the Utah Transit Authority Committee on Accessible Transportation and the public relations committee for the Utah Registry of Interpreters.

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