Nikki Starr

Title: Human Resources Specialist, Recruiter
Company: IM Flash
Location: Saratoga Springs, UT United States

Nikki Starr started her career in the semiconductor industry right out of school, and hasn’t looked back since. Following her passion, she worked her way up the ranks at Micron, gaining new skills and learning more about the field. When the company merged with Intel and became IM Flash, Ms. Starr stayed on and continued to grow to her current role as a human resources specialist and recruiter. Her habit of following up and not letting anything or anyone fall through the cracks has served her well in this endeavor.

In addition to her education, Ms. Starr has supplemented her experience with a myriad of online classes and networking opportunities. She continues to grow and seek out the information she needs through a variety of channels. Moving ahead, Ms. Starr intends to further develop her skills in human resources and move on to a senior leadership role within the company. She looks forward to being able to advise others, as she attributes her own success to her amazing mentors. Ms. Starr hopes to be remembered as a recruiter who never gave up on candidates and gave them the opportunity to make a great career choice.

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