Judith Woods

Title: Senior Software Engineer
Company: ASRC Federal Holding Co.
Location: Maple Shade, NJ United States

Fortunate to have fallen into a field she truly enjoys, Judith Woods got her first taste of computer programming in college. She found that it challenged her mentally, but found this to be extremely pleasurable, similar to the thrill one feels when solving a puzzle. Ms. Woods decided to pursue this interest professionally, and was hired by her father’s company at a low level. Through hard work and determination, she was able to prove herself and work her way up. Ms. Woods currently serves as a senior software engineer for ASRC Federal Holding Co., which provides mission-critical services to federal government agencies dedicated to defense, civil and intelligence support.

Most of Ms. Woods’ computer knowledge has come from on-the-job training. She has been working on the same Navy project for more than three decades, and during that time, she has seen many generations of equipment and programming, which she has had to adjust to. In her current role, Ms. Woods is responsible for programming military computer systems. She also works on maintenance and upgrades for older system, including interfaces and interface handlers.

The biggest challenge Ms. Woods faced was balancing her work with taking care of her severely handicapped daughter. She loves what she does, however, and has made it work. Ms. Woods intends to continue on her path for another 10 years before retiring. She hopes to be remembered for her longevity and the quality of work she has done. When Ms. Woods has free time, she enjoys spending time at her local church.

Contact Judith Woods:

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