Dawna Brown

Brown, DawnaTitle: Copywriter
Company: Dawna Writes… And You Sound Brilliant!
Location: Hütschenhausen, Germany

The spouse of a military man, Dawna Brown was constantly moving around, and had to keep starting over in her professional endeavors. With a background in direct sales, marketing, and writing, she decided to start her own business that would enable her to work from anywhere. From that vision, Dawna Writes… And You Sound Brilliant! was born, and, over time, Ms. Brown has become recognized for her work and skill with self-help and personal development entrepreneurs. In her role, she provides her clients with copy and content, creates successful video sales letters, and consults on marketing strategies and business success.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Brown took the AWAI Writing Class and has had various mentors along the way, including copywriting legend Clayton Makepeace. Through her training and hands-on experience, she has garnered the strong ability to identify what makes a company different from its competitors and find a unique market. As a testament to her success, Ms. Brown won a Business Leader Award and the Rising Star for Entrepreneurial Excellence award from Business Women’s Network. She is also an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association.

Looking to the future, Ms. Brown intends to go back to the United States, hire three more employees, and train them to fulfill the same job functions she does. She hopes to be remembered for her ability to write about any product, and for her willingness to share with others. When Ms. Brown isn’t working, she enjoys reading and spending time with her dogs and horses.

Contact Dawna Brown:

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