Kimberly Dietrich

Kimberly DietrichTitle: Information Technology Product Director
Company: Station Casinos
Location: Las Vegas, NV United States

A well-rounded individual, Kimberly Dietrich knows nearly every aspect of the hospitality industry. She started out at a hotel’s front desk and then moved into housekeeping. After that, Ms. Dietrich transitioned to the IT side of the profession, where she was in charge of training and installation procedures. Together, this experience in the front-end and back-end of hospitality prepared her for her current role as the IT product director. Ms. Dietrich also feels fortunate to have a variety of mentors who inspired her because of how they promoted teamwork by being out there in the trenches along with everyone else. They’ve never forgotten where they came from. She is currently utilizing the skills she’s gained in her role with Station Casinos, where she handles all hospitality, including hotel, food and beverage, retail, spa, and human resources.

As a woman, Ms. Dietrich feels that it is especially important to be knowledgeable to get respect and recognition, and she is proud of how far she’s come. She enjoys the fact that her job gives her the opportunity to combine teamwork and communications in an effective way. In Ms. Dietrich’s experience, getting buy-in from the users in developing systems is key, as it helps her ensure that she can deliver a product that meets the actual needs of her clients. She would like to have more of a leadership role within IT moving forward, which she hopes will eventually lead to a consulting role. When Ms. Dietrich isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her 6-year-old. She also donates to Noah’s Animal House at The Shade Tree, and is an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association.

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