Jaclyn Figueras, MSN

Jaclyn FiguerasTitle: Director of Professional Practice
Company: Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Location: Goodyear, AZ United States

Jaclyn Figueras was so impressed by the nurses she encountered while undergoing knee surgery that she decided to pursue the profession herself. Now, with 14 years of experience behind her, she is thriving as the director of professional practice for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. In her role, Ms. Figueras’ responsibilities include overseeing patient education, clinical education, and nonclinical education, as well as accreditation’s such as the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers and the TJC Disease Specific Certification for Lung Cancer. She is particularly proud of this position, as the department was previously nonexistent; she created and developed it herself.

The biggest challenge Ms. Figueras had to face was moving into the administrative side of the field, because it took her away from bedside care, which is why she originally became a nurse. She had spent more than a decade serving as a pediatric ICU nurse specializing in bone marrow transplants, neuroscience, trauma, and home health care before the switch. The position Ms. Figueras formed allows her to combine her passions for education and patient advocacy, and ensure patient and nurse safety, however, making it a great fit. She attributes her success to her mentors, who guided her both academically and in the administrative world, and to her strength in servant leadership. On her journey, Ms. Figueras obtained a Master of Science in nursing and nursing education from the University of Toledo and a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Bowling Green State University. She also stays on top of her field by participating in organizations such as the American Nurses Association, AONE, and the Oncology Nursing Society, and serving on the board of the Phoenix Oncology Nursing Society. Ms. Figueras is also a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, and would advise the younger generations to maintain their core values and to be a constant learner.

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