Loera Pope de Rendon

Title: Practice Manager
Company: CMG-Jose M. Rendon, MD
Location: Savannah, GA United States

Driven by her desire to help her husband build his medical practice, Loera Pope de Rendon has spent the past 19 years as the manager of CMG-Jose M. Rendon MD. Her responsibilities include running the business, which provides internal medicine with an emphasis on cardiology, on a day-to-day basis and helping it grow. Ms. Pope de Rendon is particularly proud of helping her husband find a building for his practice during its inception on the grounds of St. Joseph’s Hospital Campus. Since then, they have made the location one of the most successful practices in Savannah, Georgia.

The biggest challenge Ms. Pope de Rendon had to overcome has been furthering her own career while her husband is already a doctor. Many health care professionals have been unsuccessful in business endeavors with doctors’ wives, so she faces a general bias in that regard.  Ms. Pope de Rendon attributes her success to God, who has been there for her every step of the way, and to the fact that she is bilingual. Furthermore, she and her husband treat their patients like family.

To prepare for this career, Ms. Pope de Rendon became a certified professional coder, and obtained a Bachelor of Social Work and Criminology. She intends to continue to keep up with her certifications moving forward, so that she can also be available for her daughter’s eventual practice. Ms. Pope de Rendon is currently a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association and the AAPC, and supports various multiple sclerosis charitable organizations.

Contact Loera Pope de Rendon

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