Cynthia Jackson

Title: Owner, Operator
Company: Huffman Enterprises
Location: Chester, PA United States

After entering the world of high-end luxury fashions as a personal shopper, Cynthia Jackson says the only thing she would change is she wishes she started her business sooner. She was inspired to start Huffman Enterprises when people told her they liked pieces she had and wanted her to shop for them. Ms. Jackson decided to get paid doing it, and has grown and thrived ever since. She enjoys helping women look good when they don’t have a lot of time or money to do it.

One of the biggest challenges Ms. Jackson faced was finding a Channel suit in a size 3 that was made in 1968. She used her resources, however, and managed to succeed. Another challenge Ms. Jackson faces is the fact that she has ovarian cancer. Due to this, she donates 5 percent of what she makes to cancer research. Furthermore, when people come to Ms. Jackson to sell the things they have, she takes them to a hospital consignment and gives 50 percent to cancer research. She hopes to be remembered for helping others, and for the customers that ended up as friends. Ms. Jackson supports the American Cancer Society and the RSDS Foundation. When she isn’t working, she enjoys shopping, cooking, gardening, walking, and watching crime TV shows.

Contact Cynthia Jackson

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