Jill Gibson

Gibson, JillTitle: President, Chief Executive Officer
Company: Softech Solutions LLC
Location: Apple Valley, MN United States

Guided by her ability to take conceptual ideas and transform them into working solutions, Jill Gibson has spent the past decade at the head of Softech Solutions LLC. The professional business consultancy specializes in working with clients to provide them with creative thinking and a practical understanding of database development. As the president and chief executive officer, Ms. Gibson is responsible for meeting with clients and overseeing information technology and project management. She primarily offers her expertise to small- to medium-sized companies in the areas of business process engineering, CRM system design and implementation, and leveraging data to retain more business for clients.

The highlight of Ms. Gibson’s career has been running her own company; she is proud of the strong impact she’s had on the businesses she’s worked with. She attributes her success to her analytical nature and her tenacity. Ms. Gibson is very intuitive, and can instinctively figure out what her clients need. Furthermore, she always has her projects on time and on budget, and has thus maintained a stellar reputation in the industry.

Ms. Gibson originally entered her profession because of her aptitude for mathematics and computers. Her grandfather also played a big role in shaping her future; although he was a strong, dogmatic and stern figure, he also possessed a heart of gold and was able to build a successful business. Over the years, Ms. Gibson developed a passion for streamlining business solutions, and turned it into a thriving company. She hopes to take Softech Solutions LLC into a larger capacity, create a better process, and have a larger footprint in the industry moving forward. When Ms. Gibson isn’t working, she enjoys traveling and competitive ballroom dancing, as well as spending time with her two sons. She is currently a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and The International Women’s Leadership Association.

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