Bev Ramsey

Ramsey, BevTitle: Owner
Company: Pink Ribbon Boutique, Inc.
Location: Fort Smith, AR United States

A strong and determined woman, Bev Ramsey knows from experience that, after having breast cancer twice, there is a process people have to go through to stay alive. After undergoing a bilateral mastectomy, chemo, and radiation therapy, she developed lymphedema in her right hand and arm. Ms. Ramsey knew that opening a business to help women lead fulfilled lives after treatment was what God needed her to do, and with her background in finance and management, it was a natural progression.

To fulfill that calling, Ms. Ramsey decided to buy Pink Ribbon Boutique, Inc., from its previous owner in January 2014. The post-mastectomy specialty shop operates with the mission of meeting the needs of ladies who are undergoing or have completed breast cancer treatment. They have two certified mastectomy fitters on staff, including Ms. Ramsey, and carry a variety of related products. The biggest challenge she has encountered is the lack of knowledge after diagnosis. Ms. Ramsey feels that women need to get more educated, so to help, she wants to share her knowledge and journey with them. Her personal and professional goals are to live each day to the fullest and to educate as many women as she can.

When Ms. Ramsey isn’t running the shop, she is serving as a board member of the Ready Mercy Star Committee. She also supports and volunteers at Mercy Hospital, where she assisted in implementing a program called Catherine Care Bags. Ms. Ramsey and other volunteers fill the bags with sample essentials for women with breast cancer and distribute them. She would love for this to spread to a national level. Her inspiration comes from her family, God, and her own desire to live and help others. Ms. Ramsey considers her greatest accomplishment to be the fact that God let her see her son graduate high school in 2014.

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