Christina L. Kinon, CLTC

Kinon, ChristinaTitle: Unit Field Trainer

Company: Bankers Life

Location: Charleston, SC United States

Known for her integrity, Christina Kinon enjoys working with people to educate them and advocate for them. She is able to do just that with Bankers Life, an insurance company through which she has turned her talents to helping those getting ready to retire plan and protect what they have worked so hard to attain. Ms. Kinon loves her career, and hopes to retire from this company someday.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Kinon feels that her education and drive have contributed to her success, as have her study and experience in the field of gerontology. She currently holds a Master of Social Work in educational statistics and research methods from Fordham University Graduate School and a Master of Arts. A member of the International Women’s Leadership Association, Ms. Kinon would advise the younger generations to never quit, because if one avenue closes, another will surely open. She considers her greatest accomplishment to be her two sons.

Contact Christina Kinon:

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