Linda Griffith

Title: Senior Accountant
Company: Cave Hill School of Business, University of the West Indies
Location: St. John, Barbados

Noted amongst her peers for her excellence in public speaking, budgeting and financial analysis, Linda Griffith has spent the past 7 years as the senior accountant at Cave Hill School of Business, which is part of the University of the West Indies. Her strong critical thinking skills, coupled with her commitment, dedication and love for what she does, have led to her continued success in the financial industry.

Ms. Griffith started out her career in tourism as a front office manager, where she developed an interest of the accounting side of the field. She eventually moved into education, and, looking forward, she eventually sees herself in a consultancy helping businesses grow. Ms. Griffith prepared for her career by earning a bachelor’s degree in management and her CPA license, which she considers to be her greatest accomplishment. When she isn’t working, she is volunteering in her community and her church.

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