Lynnette Zitzke

Zitzke, LynnetteTitle: President, Owner
Company: Barquist Zitzke Associates, LLC
Location: Milwaukee, WI United States

Connecting people had always been an avocation for Lynnette Zitzke, but, with the creation of Barquist Zitzke Associates, LLC, it has become her vocation as well. She founded the health care recruitment agency 10 years ago by combining her background in nursing and business, and considers it the perfect job for her. The mission of the company is to connect health care professionals to long-term employment relationships, and they specialize in uncovering jobs not advertised through traditional avenues. As the president and owner, Ms. Zitzke is responsible for overseeing business operations, setting up appointments, and meeting with clients. Based on what she has seen while with the organization, she wishes applicants would focus more on what the employer can do for them rather than what they can do for the employer.

Ms. Zitzke originally started out working as a registered nurse, but left looking to advance her career. She spent some time in a sales capacity with lawyers and accountants, and then moved on to learn the business side of health care. Ms. Zitzke is proud of successfully branching out on her own with Barquist Zitzke Associates, LLC, as she feels it has gained her respect within the industry. She attributes her accomplishments to her perseverance and pleasant persistence, as well as the fact that she can be very diplomatic when necessary. Additionally, Ms. Zitzke was fortunate to work with a strategic thinker who opened her eyes to new ideas and possibilities, which proved to be beneficial and instrumental in the pursuit of her own goals. If she could offer some advice to the younger generations, it would be to get an education, never stop learning, and make strategic choices.

Looking forward, Ms. Zitzke intends to continue to grow with her business and become a leader in the field. She hopes to be remembered for being a woman of faith who worked hard while advancing both her own career and the careers of others. Ms. Zitzke is currently a member of the Wisconsin Association of Personnel Services, the American Nurses Association, the Wisconsin Nurses Association, and The International Women’s Leadership Association. She is also very involved in her church and is a passionate volunteer at Meta House, a drug and addiction program dedicated to helping women and their children. When Ms. Zitzke isn’t working, she loves to read, travel with her husband, and host family dinners every Sunday.

Contact Lynnette Zitzke:

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