Danelle Roy

Roy, DanelleTitle: Technical Coordinator for Chemistry

Company: St. Luke’s Hospital – Anderson Campus

Location: Zionsville, PA United States

Driven by her three older sisters, who weren’t able to finish college, Danelle Roy decided to go into the U.S. Army to get her education. She joined when it was still a very male-dominated field, so getting anywhere was an uphill battle. Still, Ms. Roy spent 14 years in active military service, where she obtained her professional lab tech license using her strengths in math and science. These skills led her to her greatest achievement, when she obtained everything for a donor center during Operation Desert Storm. She set up the operations, trained people, and geared up her tech to handle large volumes.

Upon leaving the military, Ms. Roy easily found a job at a small, friendly hospital with the help of the experience she gained in the service. She was drawn to the health care industry because she enjoys the idea of making things better and easier for all of the patients. When Ms. Roy became pregnant with her third child, she decided to take some time off and stay home for a few years. Not one to let the moss grow under her feet, however, she eventually found herself back at the hospital she started with. After a while, Ms. Roy became very dissatisfied because she was receiving less pay than her coworkers in the same position just because she didn’t have a college degree. To resolve the issue, she went back to school while working full time, and graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in health care administration.

Shortly after that, Ms. Roy obtained a position with her current employer, St. Luke’s Hospital – Anderson Campus. It was a start-up company at the time, which was both exciting and challenging. Ms. Roy helped build the hospital from the ground up; all of the duties and paperwork were new, so it took a lot of time to get things organized. Her problem-solving abilities made her an asset to project. Now, as the technical coordinator for chemistry, Ms. Roy spends her days handling new instruments, advances and automation. Looking forward, she hopes to become a lab manager and explore other options.

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