Diann Martin

Martin, DiannTitle: President
Company: Road Scholars/RN
Location: Chicago, IL United States

With more than four decades of clinical and academic nursing experience, Diann Martin is committed to helping to create the best nurses for the future. That’s why she founded Road Scholars/RN, which provides nursing education consultation and administrative staffing to schools and programs worldwide. In Dr. Martin’s experience, undergraduate programs have traditionally all-inclusive training for nursing, which she feels needs to change so programs can become more specialized. Through Road Scholars/RN, she leads experts in curriculum design, accreditation, program development, and faculty development. Another unique feature of her consultancy is their affiliations with a number of international health care organizations. Road Scholars/RN can arrange for students to take customized or pre-arranged trips to provide nursing care in those organizations.

Currently, Dr. Martin is working on creating service learning programs in order to bring young nursing students to third world countries in order to help them experience and learn about global health needs. In May 2016, she will be attending a symposium in Ecuador to help make this dream a reality. Dr. Martin is extremely passionate about what she does, and hopes to be remembered for her contributions to nursing. She would also like to become a thought leader in the field.

In preparation for her fruitful career, Dr. Martin earned a Ph.D. in nursing and a master’s degree. She feels fortunate to have been mentored by one of her deans, and to have had a wonderful professor who served as a role model. Dr. Martin has been published in a nursing textbook and in the Journal of Modern Poetry. Her greatest accomplishments, however, have been raising her daughter and earning her doctorate. Dr. Martin supports the Children’s Place Foundation in Chicago, and is an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association. When she isn’t working, she enjoys writing, biking, and movies.

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