Susan Curtin

Curtin, SusanTitle
: Logistics Coordinator of Global Client Services

Company: Transaction Network Services, Inc.

Location:  Sterling, VA United States

Extremely self-motivated, Susan Curtin has worked in a variety of departments as she climbed the professional ladder, which has allowed her to see a big picture view of the company. This experience, gained over two decades of service, has helped her thrive with Transaction Network Services, Inc. The telecommunications company is a leading global provider of data communications solutions. As the logistics coordinator of global client services, Ms. Curtin is responsible for making sure the telecommunications equipment reaches its destination.

The biggest challenge Ms. Curtin faced was learning the ins and outs of the business on her own. She is proud to be considered her boss’ best hire, however, and enjoys the opportunity to provide excellent customer service on a daily basis. Her goal is to improve the company’s communication by holding more regular informal meetings. Ms. Curtin would also like to work in more specialized fields in the company. She hopes to be remembered for her work sense of humor.

Contact Susan Curtin:

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