Dawn Dardzinski

Dardzinski, DawnTitle: Director of the Project Management Office
Company: JDR Consulting
Location: New York, NY United States

Driven by an internal desire to succeed, Dawn Dardzinski has never been one to back down from a challenge. She got her professional start in the financial services industry when she was very young, and being in a male-dominated industry, she found herself needing to push hard for career visibility and recognition. As a graduate from Hofstra University with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies focusing on computer science and organizational leadership, Ms. Dardzinski trained extensively to sharpen her skills in various methodologies, such as PMI, Bottom Line Project Management, CMM, ITIL, and Six Sigma. Additionally, as the result of more than two decades of experience, she has mastered implementation and delivery approaches, such as SDLC, Waterfall, and Agile.

The accumulation of these strengths and experiences led Ms. Dardzinski to join JDR Consulting in January 2015 as the Director of the Project Management Office, a management consultancy with expertise in Project Management, IT Development, Software Implementations, Training and Help Desk services. In her role, she is responsible for helping to define the structure and governance model for which the organization leads client initiatives, directs the team of project managers with the coordination and management of diversely-scaled client initiatives and provides the staff with consistent oversight and coaching to continually develop high performing talent. Ms. Dardzinski also collaborates across each of JDR’s specialized verticals; Real Estate, Financial Services, Government and Health Care, to drive innovative and best practice solutions that contribute to client acquisition and retention, while working to maintain strong relationships with each of her clients.

When Ms. Dardzinski isn’t applying herself on behalf of the consultancy, she is a member and mentor of the Aspire Foundation, which is a global network of men and women who advocate for the advancement of women. In the future, Ms. Dardzinski aims to continue consulting with JDR and volunteering her time to prove to her daughters that a healthy balance between work and life can be accomplished with time remaining to give back to help others. She hopes to be remembered as a great mom and a caring person.

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