Roni Doherty

Title: Senior Finance Manager
Company: Waters Corporation
Location: Franklin, MA United States

Noted by peers for her expertise in auditing and internal controls, Roni Doherty has steadily risen through the ranks at Waters Corporation. She chose her profession because the job is in the financial mainstream, plus all of the work is done by one company without outsourcing. As the senior finance manager, Ms. Doherty is the point of contact for all profit and loss, inventory, and headcount financial performance related questions, which requires collaborating with the finance teams and operational managers of domestic and international locations reporting to the global operations business unit. She is also responsible for monthly financial performance reporting and analytics, forecasting, and annual budgeting.

The biggest challenge Ms. Doherty faces is the boys club; male partners get more opportunities and better pay than women basically in the same position. She is inspired to change lives, however, and intends to compassionately train others and share her knowledge. Ms. Doherty prepared for her career by earning a Bachelor of Arts in accounting from Assumption College. She is currently a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, and is very involved with Girl Scouts of the USA.

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