LaSandra McKeever

McKeever, LaSandra







Title: Senior Import Demand Planner
Company: Walmart
Location: Bentonville, AR United States

LaSandra McKeever is a responsible, futuristic arranger and an analytic leader who shares, maximizes, and transforms. She began her career as a Department Manager in Home and Apparel at a Walmart store in 2002. She then moved to the corporate office in 2004 to support Kitchen Seasonal as a Buyer’s Assistant. LaSandra has been with Walmart for 14 years, and worked her way up the ranks. As she grew at Walmart, LaSandra discovered a love for logistics and supply chain, and she is now a Senior Import Demand Planner for the world’s largest retailer. Her leadership role involves performing import inventory analysis, and forecasting corporate sales demand to maintain healthy inventory levels in warehouses and stores and ensure the products customers want are available. Walmart serves 260 million customers each week around the world, so maintaining product flow and availability is an important element of driving sales.

Throughout her career, the biggest challenges LaSandra faced were inequities in the workplace and the “glass ceiling.” As a woman in the workplace, she found she wasn’t taken as seriously as her male counterparts and didn’t advance as quickly as men in the same role with the same qualifications. To LaSandra, it is important for companies to work towards true equality and empowerment, despite gender, race and age. With a genuine love for mentoring, she is currently a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, Resource Groups, and Corporate Mentoring Circles committing her time with the mission of attracting, advancing and retaining women in the retail and consumer package goods industry through education and networking.

LaSandra studied psychology and sociology in school, and continued her education through corporate training certifications in leadership, logistics, supply chain, imports, exports, and lean project management. LaSandra has been inspired by great leaders and supporters throughout her career.  This includes her current leaders in Walmart Global Sourcing (Clay Thompson, Kelvin Smith and James McCutcheon) whose support and respect have continued to contribute to building her confidence and empowering her to continue to achieve and grow. Her discipline and grounded viewpoint, she believes, was influenced by her husband, Luap McKeever, who comes from a military background.

LaSandra hopes generosity, compassion, and respect for everyone is her legacy.

“As she grew at Walmart, LaSandra discovered a love for logistics and supply chain.”

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Q: As a woman in today’s world what do you feel has contributed to your success?

A: Passion, Drive and Determination to Win. We live in a predominately male corporate world and as a professional woman in a leadership position, I have found the work is harder, the hours are longer, and recognition is seldom.

Q: What advice could you share with the younger generation of women entering the workforce?

A: As a female entering the workforce, there are many obstacles. My advice has several points.

  1. Find something you love to do
  2. Don’t Quit – It’s not going to be easy
  3. Build your brand. Become the subject matter expert. Be Innovative and strategic with it.
  4. Go to meetings, volunteer, Join local/social media groups that align with your interests. Share, Learn, and Grow. Build your web of network relationships.
  5. Passion is contagious. Be passionate about your work. Talk about your successes, don’t assume it is noticed.
  6. Document and publish your successes (no matter how small). List them ALL on your annual performance evaluation. Keep them at your desk, in your wallet, on your social media accounts.
  7. Stay focused, confident, and push hard. Your work will pay off later than you plan but it will pay off.

Q: Do you belong to any organizations that have made a difference for you professionally?

A: Yes! I love people and consider myself a philanthropist.

  • MGNOC – Moto Guzzi National Owners Club
    • Director of a predominately male motorcycle club for 1800 members
    • Administrator for the Facebook Page for 3,792 members
  • Wildguzzi – Moto Guzzi
    • Discussion board moderator for 11,877 members
  • Member for these influential groups
    • Network of Executive Women
    • The International Women’s Leadership Association
    • Corporate Mentoring Program
    • The Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT)
    • Girls of Promise
    • Women in Toys
    • Women in Retail
    • Women’s Professional Development
    • Professional Women in Networking
    • Women’s Associate Resource Group
  • Volunteer for these charities
    • NWA Women’s Shelter
    • Samaritan House
    • NWA Children’s Shelter
    • Rebuilding NWA Together
  • Fundraiser for these charities
    • Boy & Girls Club
    • Big Brother/Big Sister
    • Susan G Komen Foundation for the Cure
    • Horses for Healing

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