Toya Houston

HoustonTitle: Senior Process Analyst
Company: CenturyLink
Location: Columbus, OH United States

As a woman in today’s world, Toya Houston credits her success to her strong work ethic and always following through on her commitments. She has spent the last 16 years at CenturyLink, a global communications, hosting, cloud and IT services company. They offer network and data systems management, big data analysis, IT consulting, and broadband, voice, video, data, and managed services over a robust fiber network and international transport network. Four years ago, Ms. Houston accepted the position of senior process analyst, which allows her to utilize her skills in research and training. Her role also includes interacting with the sales force and clients, which is an aspect of the job she really enjoys.

The biggest challenge Ms. Houston faced in the company was being taken seriously in the “good ol’ boys club.” She is a people person, however, which, coupled with her hands-on experience and knowledge of the company, have enabled her to master her position.

Looking forward, Ms. Houston hopes to obtain a management position. Her inspiration comes from her current manager, who is the type of person others love to watch work, and the type of leader people want to work for. Ms. Houston hopes to be remembered for being honest and always willing to help out. She supports Wounded Warriors and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Ms. Houston enjoys swimming in her spare time.

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