Rachel Perry

Perry RachelTitle: Graphic Designer
Company: Medtronic
Location: Boulder, CO United States

As a woman in today’s world, Rachel Perry would advise the younger generation of women to never give up hope and find daily ways to get a little bit closer to reaching their goals. She enjoys being creative, and wanted a career that would allow her to use her artistic abilities. Ms. Perry didn’t want to be a starving artist, however, so she decided to use her skills to pursue graphic design. She worked toward her dream, and is now a graphic designer for Medtronic, which is a medical device company dedicated to contributing to human welfare by applying biomedical engineering to research, design and manufacture instruments that alleviate pain and restore health. In her current role with the company, Ms. Perry creates labels, packaging, and instructions for use.

Ms. Perry credits her success to her persistence in keeping up with technology and constantly growing and learning. She was contracted to work at Medtronic in 2008, and worked there for six years before they hired her full-time in 2014. Ms. Perry feels blessed for this opportunity, and hopes to keep moving up in the company. The biggest challenge she faces is being asked to do things above and beyond her job description, but she enjoys research and problem-solving, so she meets these tasks head on.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Perry earned a two-year Associate of Art degree in graphic design from Lansing Community College, and she has taken side courses in web design from the Art Institute of Colorado. She also received a certification in web design, but has learned the most from on-the-job experience. Ms. Perry is comfortable with Adobe Creative Suite 1, 2 and 3 on both Mac and PC platforms.

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