Caryl Rivers

Rivers, CarylTitle: Professor of Journalism
Company: Boston University
Location: Boston, MA United States

A nationally known columnist, journalist, author, novelist and media critic, Caryl Rivers has been observing American life and politics for the past four decades. She started out as a Washington correspondent who cut her journalistic teeth on the civil rights movement and the Kennedy presidency, and then served as a commentator who observed the Vietnam debate, the women’s movement, the rise of the political right, the battles over political correctness, and the divides over race, class and gender that have often convulsed the nation. Ms. Rivers’ articles have appeared in major American newspapers and magazines, like the New York Times and Rolling Stone, and her commentary has been heard across the nation via television and radio programs. She has appeared on shows like Good Morning America and CNN Nightline, and was the host of a television show on a public station in Boston.

Now, Ms. Rivers is a senior journalism professor at Boston University, and is the author of 18 books. Her novels and nonfiction books have received critical praise, especially for her sharp comic form and grasp of American life. The themes in her books deal with the complexities of modern life and the struggle for social justice in America. Ms. Rivers’ novels have sold more than a million copies around the world, and have been translated into numerous languages. She has a new book coming out in August 2016, “The Age of Longevity: Re-Imagining Tomorrow for our New Long Lives,” which she worked on with Dr. Rosalind Barnett. In recognition for her substantial success, Ms. Rivers was honored with the 2008 Helen Thomas Award for Lifetime Achievement by the Society of Professional Journalists, among a variety of other awards and grants.

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