Alice V. Finnegan

Title: Chairman
Company: Saco Food Pantry
Location: Saco, ME United States

Known for her sense of humor and ability to work with others, Alice V. Finnegan decided to use her talents and skills to help others in her local community. She is currently the chairman of the Saco Food Pantry, which provides dry, frozen, and refrigerated goods to those in need in the Saco, Maine region. It opened its doors in 1982 as the Biddeford-Saco Council of Churches Food Pantry, and when the council disbanded in 2002, it became what it is today. The nonprofit organization is run by volunteers, and provides food to more than 8,000 people per year.

Looking forward, Ms. Finnegan plans to keep busy and carry on with her work. She loves paying it forward, and hopes to be remembered for trying hard to help those who want to help themselves. Ms. Finnegan is inspired by the people she deals with on a daily basis.

In her spare time, Ms. Finnegan enjoys fishing and supporting the arts in Portland, Maine, including the museum and symphony. She is also charitably involved with the local fire station. As a testament to her success, she is an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association.

Contact Alice V. Finnegan

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