Deborah C. Rhodes

Title: Account Executive
Company: LVMH Fragrance Brands
Location: Ashton, MD United States

As a woman in today’s world, Deborah Rhodes believes she has succeeded in the luxury goods industry because she stayed true to herself and held on to her honesty and integrity. She has been an account executive for LVMH Fragrance Brands for more than two decades, and believes herself blessed and fortunate to have survived this long. In her role, Ms. Rhodes is responsible for overseeing the merchandising, in-store training, and support. She also drives retail sales, orders stock, works with advertisers and buyers, and recruits and educates sales teams.

The biggest challenge Ms. Rhodes faced along her journey was balancing her business and personal life. She believes that she is only as good as the people she surrounds herself with, which is why she has maintained an open door policy. Her strong faith and mentors in the business have inspired her the most. Ms. Rhodes hopes to be remembered for thinking before she spoke and being caring and considerate with the ability to put herself in another’s shoes.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Rhodes earned a Bachelor of Science in marketing from the University of Maryland. She hopes to start working with new people coming into the industry and help meld the old with the new. If Ms. Rhodes could offer some advice to the younger generation of women, if would be to work hard, for nothing good comes easy. She supports the charitable mission of the National Kidney Association and the Breast Cancer Foundation. When she isn’t working, Ms. Rhodes loves spending time with her family and friends, gardening, and enjoying time at the ocean.

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