Danielli S. Weiden

Title: Business Applications Manager
Company: Caliper
Location: Mount Holly, NJ United States

Danielli Santos Weiden has worked primarily in business and communications since she was in high school, and with each position she advanced her capabilities. In the middle of her college career, she moved back to her native Brazil where she taught English as a second language. Upon returning to the U.S., Ms. Weiden taught Latino women English and prepared them for job placement by helping them write resumes. She began her career with Caliper in 2002, and started out working in translation as an international administrator. Now, as a business applications manager, Ms. Weiden ensures that the human resources company has both all of the applications they need to conduct business effectively and all of the training to utilize those tools effectively.

Originally from Brazil, Ms. Weiden had to learn the language and culture of the U.S., and was not always familiar with American phrases and sayings. This, at times, made her feel less proficient, but she looked at each challenge as a learning experience. Ms. Weiden’s greatest strength is her ability to deal with a diverse group of ages and cultures. Additionally, her two decades of experience with teaching and training has allowed her to thrive.

When Ms. Weiden isn’t working at Caliper, she is running her videography company, NRG Productions, which is one of her passions. She is also the founder of ABBA, or The American-Brazilian Beneficent Association, which is a charity she created to honor her mom. Ms. Weiden attributes her success to her mentors, both male and female, who have guided her on her journey. Her drive allows her not to be intimidated. Looking forward, Ms. Weiden hopes to be accepted to Harvard so that she can pursue the next level of study.

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