S. Pamela Paul, Ph.D.

Paul S. PamelaTitle: Diversity and Inclusion Senior Advisor
Company: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Location: Elkridge, MD United States

Pamela Paul spent the first four years of her career as a social worker in a residential treatment program. After earning a Ph.D. in human development from the University of Maryland, she transitioned into the role of assistant director of human resources, and led the development of the first diversity education initiative. Following that, Dr. Paul held the position of director of multicultural affairs at Loyola University, and then vice president and director of development and diversity at the Academy of Educational Development. She is currently the diversity and inclusion senior analyst at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was established by Congress to protect consumers by carrying out federal consumer financial laws.

One of the biggest challenges Dr. Paul had to overcome was being a woman, as she faced different expectations than her male counterparts. She also had to deal with cultural differences and biases when working with international organizations. In these circumstances, Dr. Paul’s strength in combining the analytical and emotional sides of an issue certainly came in handy. She knows how to be neutral in her position, and is able to work with people on both sides. Dr. Paul considers her greatest accomplishment to be the long-lasting relationships she has made. She is proud of the fact that her colleagues think of her as gracious, and hopes to be remembered as someone who held the door open for others. Dr. Paul wanted to share opportunities with others and maintain a space for others to be included. She is a board member of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Foundation and the Diversity Leadership Forum, and is an advisory committee member of InterAction. Additionally, Dr. Paul is a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association.

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