Mary Terzian

Terizan, MaryTitle: Author, Writer, Blogger, Speaker
Location: Hacienda Heights, CA United States

Born in Cairo, to Armenian parents who had taken refuge in Egypt during the Armenian Genocide, Mary grew up in a minority community. She attended an Armenian school, then moved over to an English high school. Further education was denied. “What will she do with it? She’s only a girl!” was the prevalent attitude. She had to earn a living before she followed her calling. Ms. Terzian contributed articles to newspapers on and off in both Armenian and English. Later in her career, she reported her transcontinental travels through three continents to her editor in Egypt. Since retirement, she has bloomed and dedicated herself to writing full time.

Ms. Terzian wrote two award-winning memoirs, “The Immigrants’ Daughter” and “Politically Homeless.” The books document her life experiences and the struggles of pursuing her goals without citizenship in her homeland. Ms. Terzian took a leap of faith to live on her own in a foreign county and face the fears existent in a war zone. She met those challenges head-on, however, and overcame all of the roadblocks in the way of doing what she loves most. In addition to writing memoirs, Ms. Terzian also blogs on Author’s Den and

Looking to the future, Ms. Terzian’s goal is to see each underprivileged, dejected person succeed in life using their God-given talents, despite the difficulties that may lie ahead. She believes that, especially in a country like the U.S., there are opportunities galore, and it is feasible to realize one’s dreams through self-analysis and tenacity. Ms. Terzian supports the humanitarian missions of the world without discrimination to cultural or religious differences in favor of peaceful co-existence. She is a member of Hye Geen, the Pasadena Sister Cities Armenia Committee, the Writers Club of Whittier, the Armenian Allied Arts Association, and The International Women’s Leadership Association.

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