Amanda Hasell

Title: Director
Company: Pure
Location: Paradise Waters, QLD Australia

Inspired by Arbonne’s green, environmentally-friendly, safe and effective products, Amanda Hasell decided she wanted to get involved in the skin and body care industry. To that end, she founded Pure, a subsidiary of Arbonne that sells anti-aging, health and wellness, cosmetic, and skin and body care merchandise. The company’s mission is to help clients change how they feel and look inside and out by using products that are sourced by nature and enhanced by science to deliver maximum results and benefits.

Direct selling was a new experience for Ms. Hasell, but with the help of low startup costs and a strong support team provided to nurture her entrepreneurial spirit, she has thrived. As a testament to her success, she earned the Spirit of Arbonne Award, which is a very prestigious honor within the company. Ms. Hasell credits the achievement to her upbringing and desire to do better in life. Additionally, her ability to empower others has served her well in her career.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Hasell earned a degree in business from Griffith University. She is a member of The Dream Team, and enjoys tennis and water skiing in her spare time. Ms. Hasell plans to offer random acts of kindness to others in the future.

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