Rachel A. Eisenberg

Title: Senior Manager of Package Concept Development
Company: COTY INC.
Location: New York, NY United States

Rachel Eisenberg, Senior Manager of Package Concept Development at COTY INC., has been recognized as a Top Female Executive for dedication, achievement and leadership in packaging.

Ms. Eisenberg has 20 years of overall experience, with 10 years in her current role of senior manager of package concept development at COTY INC. When asked to evaluate herself as a professional, she replied that her greatest strength is her ability to apply information that she has received in previous roles to all subsequent positions. In this way, she can continue to evolve and better herself, rather than start from scratch in each new position. Ms. Eisenberg would like to be remembered as a good person who listened and treated people equally. In the future, she may want to move to a smaller company.

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