Barbara Faye DuFrain

DuFrain, Barbara  2080980Title: Associate Professor of Computer Science
Company: Del Mar College
Location: Corpus Christi, TX United States

After spending some time in a research lab working with mathematical programs, Barbara DuFrain’s boss suggested that computer programming would be a great fit. She took his advice, and is now an associate professor of computer science at Del Mar College. Ms. DuFrain specializes in geographic information programs, and computer science programs working in the area of programming and specializing in gaming. She would love to start a gaming technology class at the college.

Ms. DuFrain is also focused on improving the number of women in computer science. Being in a male-dominated field is a challenge, so she has been diligent in her quest to recruit more women. Ms. DuFrain was honored for her work by being inducted into the WomenTech Hall of Fame in 2013, and by earning the Outstanding Women Educator of the Year award in 2014. She is very proud of those accomplishments, and loves her job. Some of her colleagues have worked with her for more than four decades.

In preparation for her career, Ms. DuFrain earned a master’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in computer science. She is affiliated with the Association for University Professors, and she supports the Travis Baptist Church and Christian Women’s Job Corps. When she isn’t working, she enjoys horseback riding and swimming. Ms. DuFrain hopes to be remembered as a caring and fair person.

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