Romina Orozco-Encio

Title: Manager
Company: Abbott Florist
Location: Miami Beach, FL United States

An expert in floral design, Romina Orozco-Encio parlays nearly two decades of experience into her position as the manager of Abbott Florist. The successful business, which specializes in wedding floral designs, has earned a lot of recognition, including being ranked as a Top 2,000 Floral Shop and being nominated as a favorite floral shop by American Express. In addition to wedding services, Abbott Florist also offers funeral designs, gift baskets, candles, lucky bamboo and incense. Ms. Orozco-Encio’s ultimate mission is to make brides happy, however, and in her role with the company, she works and consults with them regarding various design choices.

The most challenging aspect of Ms. Orozco-Encio’s job is managing her time while raising two children. She has made it work, however, and loves her job. Ms. Orozco-Encio was also honored with a certificate of recognition from Miami Beach, and attributes her success to strong word-of-mouth advertising. She stays on top of her field by completing continuing coursework in fashion and design, and holds a Bachelor of Science from Miami Dade College. Looking forward, Ms. Orozco-Encio hopes to open her own shop and hire more designers.

Ms. Orozco-Encio is a member of St. Joseph’s Church. When she isn’t working, she really enjoys soccer.

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