Sandra Wright Sutherland, Ph.D.

Title: Publisher, Author

Company: Iris Press

Location: Bozeman, MT

As a woman in today’s world, Sandra Wright Sutherland feels that the driving forces behind her success are her support systems and being at the right place at the right time. She spent 30 years working in special education, and a natural progression of opportunities led her to her current role as a publisher and author with Iris Press. Dr. Sutherland has two published books, “Bicycle Training for the Triathlete *and Others,” and “No Brakes! Bicycle Track Racing in the United States.” Both books can be found and purchased on Amazon.

Dr. Sutherland’s greatest accomplishment was learning and completing the full production process, from writing to publication and distribution. Her professional goal is to finish her next book. The topics she writes about are ones she feels are important for people to understand, and she would like to be remembered as a person who wrote books that would otherwise not exist.

In preparation for her career, Dr. Sutherland earned a doctorate in education technology, a master’s degree in speech pathology, and a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. She considers her greatest strength to be technological innovation. If she isn’t writing, Dr. Sutherland enjoys cycling, photography, and doing photo exhibits.


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