Sue Denault

Title: President, Project Manager

Company: IQ-Quattro

Location: Sainte Adele, QC, Canada

Toting a passion for the industry and the ability to negotiate well, Sue Denault has spent more than two decades as the president and project manager of IQ-Quattro. The land development and construction company provides infrastructure planning, land development, and construction services. Ms. Denault’s expertise lies within urban infrastructure planning and land development, and she has extended knowledge of land infrastructure projects for rural, residential and industrial development. She is also skilled at organization, communication, project management, negotiation and strategic planning. In her current role, Ms. Denault is responsible for determining the physical and organizational structures needed for operations, interacting with clientele, and reviewing reports and certificates of authorization.

In preparation for her career, Ms. Denault earned an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in recreation, which she completed in Ottawa, Canada, and concluded coursework in estimation. Looking forward, she hopes to expand her business and progress into other areas of the industry.

When she isn’t working, Ms. Denault is either cooking, golfing, exercising or singing. She is also highly involved with tennis, as is a member of the United States Tennis Association. Ms. Denault was honored as an invitee to Nationals by the USTA.

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