Emily DiCenso Gockley

Title: Human Resource Assistant

Company: New York City Recruiting Battalion

Location: Fort Hamilton, NY

Emily DiCenso Gockley’s ability to persevere in difficult situations is definitely a strength in her career, as is her experience and desire to learn something new every day. She currently works as a human resource assistant at the New York City Recruiting Battalion, which enlists qualified volunteers from New York City and Long Island to maintain the strength of the Army and the nation. Ms. DiCenso Gockley’s inspiration comes from her parents, who served as exemplary role models.

Prior to her current position, Ms. DiCenso Gockley worked for the Army as a public affairs specialist for 17 years. While in that role, her organization received several awards, which was a great achievement. One of the main challenges she faced was balancing her family and work, especially once she had her son, as the Army offers little personal flexibility. The challenge was well worth it, though, as Ms. DiCenso Gockley considers her son to be her greatest accomplishment. Before she joined the Army, she earned a master’s degree in media studies at Queens College.

If Ms. DiCenso Gockley isn’t at work or with her son, she is volunteering and teaching religion at St. Margaret Catholic Church, located in Middle Village, New York. She anticipates retirement in the coming years.

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