Jennifer Groesch

DPSGTitle: Risk Manager

Company: Dr Pepper Snapple Group

                                                         Location: Dallas

With more than two decades of experience in areas such as procurement, marketing and sales, Jennifer Groesch is well-suited to take on her new role as a risk manager for Dr Pepper Snapple Group. She started in her position with the food and beverage production company a year ago, although she has served in other roles within the group before. As a strong analyst with flexibility and the ability to consider all sides of a situation, Ms. Groesch chose her career path because she knew it would give her the opportunity to challenge herself and broaden her experience and knowledge.

The biggest challenge Ms. Groesch had to overcome was working in a male-dominated industry, but based on her work experience, knowledge and skill set, she has been able to hold her own. One of her greatest accomplishments was earning a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, which qualifies her as a professional who can explain six sigma philosophies and principles, including systems and tools. When Ms. Groesch isn’t working, she enjoys traveling, skiing and hiking. Additionally, she supports the United Service Organizations, which has provided help to more than 10 million military service members and their families.

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