Suzanne Summerville

Suzanne-Twinkie2Title: Owner

Company: Arts Venture

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

Dr. Suzanne Summerville is the Owner of Arts Venture, a music publishing company in Fairbanks, Alaska, specializing in 19th century German composers. With a Doctorate in Musicology from Freir University of Berlin, Suzanne holds more than two decades of diverse experience in her industry, boasting talents as a Soprano Singer and music producer. Building an impressive twenty years as a Professor of Music for the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, Dr. Summerville continued to employ her expertise as a music publisher, reaching the pinnacle of her career as an entrepreneur with the launch of Arts Venture.

Paralleling her company, Dr. Summerville also serves on the Board of the Opera in Fairbanks. – Number of years in current position: 20 years. She conducts presentations at the Byron Society, has sat on the opera board in Fairbanks for the past six years, does charity work at the local animal shelter, and won the Governors Awards for the Arts in 1990. Dr. Summersville has received a Doctorate in Musicology from Freir University of Berlin, and has recorded three CDs as a soprano singer.

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