Debra Justin

imported_member_thumbnail_51012-140x150Title: Naval Intelligence Officer (Retired)

Company: U.S. Navy

Location: Arlington, Va.

Beginning in 1980, Debra Justin was accepted into the U.S. Navy, who matched her requirements, processed her overseas, and recruited her quickly into the intelligence program. Prior to entering the military, she completed a Master of Arts in teaching at The George Washington University, and a Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While in the military, Ms. Justin pursued coursework in the Pentagon program for natural security affairs and world politics at The Catholic University of America.

Since retiring from the U.S. Navy, Ms. Justin has taken upon a plethora of contract job, providing exercise coordination with South Carolina Emergency Management Division, homeland security analyst at SAIC, project manager at L-3 Communications, and most recently, senior strategy and policy professional with Cydecor. By drawing upon her creative and cultural teaching expertise, she continues to find contracts jobs that best fit her abilities as a professional. Ms. Justin has also earned a Doctor of Ministry from Next Dimension University and a Doctor of Philosophy in communications arts and sciences from Emmanuel Baptist University.

Ms. Justin’s greatest accomplishment is working with the assistant director for the CIA and attending their meeting for the intelligence command. To utilize her human services skills, which she developed during her most recent degrees, she intends to spread her message widely using television production on cultural topics. Ms. Justin intends on leaving her mark on others as someone who was caring and inspiring as a teacher and mentor.

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