Laurie Sullivan-Sakaeda, Ph.D.

imported_member_thumbnail_50288-140x150Title: Director

Company: A Helping Hoof, PLLC

Location: Grantsville, Utah

Current director of A Helping Hoof, PLLC, Laurie Sullivan-Sakaeda provides her intuitive thinking skills to assist and help a variety of people looking for healing. Her business’ inspiration comes from her personal desire to help veterans overcome the emotional, mental and occasional physical obstacles that they are faced with, as a result of not properly providing the support that they need, when returning to civilian life. The advice that Ms. Sullivan-Sakaeda can share with the younger generation of women entering the workforce is to focus on the goal whether it is a male dominating industry or not.

Ms. Sullivan-Sakaeda prepared for this career by volunteering her time at different organizations and eventually continuing on to completing a Ph.D. in Psychotherapy. The aspect she would like to change in her working condition is adding more compassion to the mental health care field. Currently, her goals are to expand her work in equine therapy program for veterans and eventually re-locate to a larger facility through continued funding and grants. During her free-time, Ms. Sullivan-Sakaeda enjoys spending time with her two children.

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