Janet Hurley Kopsch-Hitchner

hurley-kopsch-hitchner-janet-185385Title: Speech-Language Pathologist (Retired), Exceptional Children’s Program

Company: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Location: Charlotte, N.C.

Retiring 51 years of speech-language pathology, Janet Hurely Kopsch-Hitchner is a master professional in augmentative communication and assisted technology administration. Throughout her career, she cared for children with learning disabilities by coordinating programs, writing grants, and operating software applications with and for the students. Ms. Kopsch-Hitchner was the recipient of a $5,000 grant for Metro School from the Bank of America Foundation. She currently conducts workshops for new and veteran teachers.

Ms. Kopsch-Hitchner’s greatest career achievements were receiving a grant to help children with communication disorders and helping students to learn and write. The highlight of her career was receiving a grant to help children with communication disorders. She attributes her success to her caring nature toward her students. Initially, she became involved in her profession after earning a Master of Arts in speech-language pathology. Ms. Kopsch-Hitchner’s commitment to teach children with disabilities and making a difference in their lives separate her from her peers.


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