Tracy Adams

longwood-schoolsTitle: Assistant Principal

Company: Longwood School District

Location: Middle Island, N.Y.

Wielding 16 years of exemplary dedication to the education profession, Tracy Adams holds the highest ethical and value based standards of educational practice, dedicated to all students. For the past four years, she has served as assistant principal within the Longwood School District leading as a visionary with a change-agent mindset. Ms. Adams continues her success as an educational administrator because of her masterful relationship and collaborative interpersonal skills.

Ms. Adams is a passionate believer in collaborative and community services oriented initiatives for enhanced value-added infrastructural support to parents and students for development of educational resources. Her personal confidence development and self-realization teachings provide a potential for all achieving students, focusing on their success now in and in the future. Currently, Ms. Adams is earning a doctorate degree in order to progress within her career.

As it’s Ms. Adams’ current goal to progress studies related to adaptive and self educational services, she also intends to try and keep government relations pertaining to school district foundering ethically sound. During her free-time, she supports the Ronald Mc Donald House, and attends health and fitness programs.

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