Filomena Day

12122822_1260077377351584_340100771609362142_nTitle: The SHIFT Coach

Company: Better Days Solutions

Location: Meredith, N.H.

As a Certified Public Accountant and a woman transformed by divorce, Filomena Day saw the need to help women recover their self concept and improve their financial wellness, so she began as The SHIFT Coach at Better Days Solutions. There, she is constantly creating inspirational ways for clients to make the SHIFT from wherever they find themselves on their journey to a more desirable path in the process of telling a meaningful story of a life well lived. Ms. Days current professional goal is to continue to impress upon the professionals in my industry that integrity must become more of a priority to garner the required respect and trust from those seeking to gain knowledge to base crucial financial decisions on. 

Ms. Day learned to focus on what opportunities she would welcome into her life to lead her toward er desired outcome of financial independence. One of those opportunities included obtaining her Life and Health Insurance license (in three states where I have deep ties to:  Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire). Her greatest strength is being able to help women see the critical connection between developing a strong self concept and developing the discipline to create wealth and abundance. Her unique coaching techniques compel them to become more self-reliant and self-confident through each transformation along their exciting journey. The advice Ms. Day can give to the younger generation of women entering the workforce is “Have self confidence and not to feel intimidated.  Get connected with an educator/mentor.”

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