Kimberly Richert

Kim Wrk Pic CCDSTitle: Supervisor of Utilization Review, Appeals and Denials

Company: Baycare Healthcare

Location: Dunedin, Fla.

Having worked at Baycare Healthcare for the past 33 years, Kimberly Richert currently holds the position as supervisor of utilization review and appeals and denials. Having prepared for this career while becoming a licensed practical nurse in the United States Army, she later went on to get a Master of Science in nursing, and finds her education has been a great boost within her professional career. The biggest challenge Ms. Richert has to overcome within her profession was moving from the nursing field to the clinical documentation area, but has found success through her growing professional leadership skills.

The one aspect of her working condition Ms. Richert would most like to change is to see people who can’t afford insurance be able to get coverage. Currently, her professional goal is to go into counseling with her husband, who inspires her to continue helping others that contact her for help. She would most like to be remember for having followed Christ, and for loving, helping and leading people. During her free-time, Ms. Richert enjoys sports and going to the beach.

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