Barbara Loberg

Barb-Loberg-140x150Title: Medical Technologist (Retired)

Location: Whitefish Bay, Wisc.

Celebrating 35 years of expertise in the medical technology arena, Dr. Barbara Loberg originally prepared for her profession by obtaining a Ph.D. in health services from Walden University. Her greatest strengths throughout her professional and academic careers have been within blood bank and immunotransfusion knowledge, as well a her strive to grow and educate herself, even after retirement. Dr. Loberg has been retired for five years now, but is still trying to remain on the cusp of changes within the field through her membership with WPRI, as she is a former member of the International Blood Bank Association.

The biggest challenge Dr. Loberg had to overcome is the glass ceiling effect, she says, “Women didn’t move up into a higher management roles. Women were not looked upon as a male would be, particularly in medical technology. This field didn’t have too many higher positions to grow into because the field wasn’t as broad when shestarted.” However, once Dr. Loberg began her audio/visual program presentations that she developed, especially when it was presented to the International Blood Bank Association meetings, she finally began gaining the recognition she deserved.

The one aspect of Dr. Loberg’s working condition she would like to change is opening up the door and broadening her field to go out to different areas of studies. Even though she is retired, her current goals involving continuing to attend various programs that the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offer, as well as international programs and concerts. Dr. Loberg also wants to broaden her horizons with education and get involved to broaden political issues.

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