Patricia Howeth

indexTitle: Assistant Director of Activities

Company: White House Healthcare

Location: Cottontown, Tenn.

Attributing her success to having worked with her mentor, Dr. Kenneth Laws, Patricia Howeth continues her professional endeavors in the health care arena as assistant director of activities at White House Healthcare. Drawing upon her greatest strength, which is being with the residents and never having them leave until they are smiling I prepared for my career through past experience, orientation and on the job experience, Ms. Howeth finds satisfaction in her expertise in human services. Her greatest accomplishment is working for one single individual for twenty eight years in the field of medicine.

Ms. Howeth’s biggest professional challenge since beginning in the industry for nearly three decades was losing her husband twelve years ago, as she had helped him with his business and did the administrative functions. Now, her personal goal is to continue with what she has always love doing, and passionately help those in which she has the ability to reach. Currently, Ms. Howeth’s calling is to be with people who need the caring hand she can provide.

During her free-time, Ms. Howeth supports the St. Jude Hospital and the America Cancer Society. Outside her professional and philanthropic efforts, she enjoys travel, golf, reading, and following her grandchildren with their sporting events.

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