Susan Tuckey

0e2bff5b0d7b4176b15715546e81803eTitle: President

Company: SASI Consulting, Inc.

Location: Toronto, Ont.

The highlight of Susan Tuckey’s career was when the PeopleSoft Developer of Search/Match came up to her after she presented at an International Conferences and said: ‘This is the best implementation of this technology I’ve ever seen. I developed it and I out of interest, attend such sessions all over the world. This is what I had in mind when I created it. You’re the first to have actually grasped that.’ After presenting at this conference, a year later, she attended a completely different session at the same conference. Before the session started, the presenter approached her and said, ‘Are you Susan?’ She said ‘Yes’. The presenter said, ‘May I shake your hand please? You’re presentation last year has saved me so much time and has made my job so much easier.’ Ms. Tuckey thinks that she quoted 15 hours a week in saved time.

Ms. Tuckey says that every project brings its own challenges and successes. ‘You never really know what value you will bring. You have to listen to the issues and then become creative with solutions,’ she says. ‘During a system upgrade at a public/private university, I heard the client express that they were not happy with the number of duplicate IDs in their Student Administration system. What this means is that a person could exist in the system with two different IDs – each unknown to the other. Duplicate IDs create many issues including updating the wrong person’s record; dual admissions; manual staff effort to resolve issues; concurrent studies that should be associated with only one person; not two. It’s almost like having an alias. This is a problem across most institutions of higher education.’

Usually the solution is one that is accommodated to some degree with technical hard coding which is quasi-effective. Instead, Ms. Tuckey chose to work with delivered technology that can be implemented by functional users – no code. She came up with a completely different strategy than she’d ever seen employed anywhere. It was primarily focused on removing the assumption that the data coming from the student or from the institution’s system was correct. She contrived a number of rules, much like a maze, with system queries. She knew she was onto something when she found a number of planted names by a service that provides student search records (institutions can buy names from test scores). Normally these names get added to the database without question and become part of a recruiting campaign that the agency can track to see how names are used and their frequency.

At that institution, the process she put into place likely saved the institution two FTEs a year. There are about 10 other institutions that are following this logic. Strategically implemented at a tactile level, Ms. Tuckey thinks that this solution is one that has not only reduced level of effort significantly, it has also resulted in the virtual elimination of duplicate IDs. The downstream effect of not having to reactively resolve duplicates is also huge. In five years, Ms. Tuckey plans on implementing the software programs into other countries and having a team of independent consultants, which will focus on providing branding tools for clients and project development.

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